When and where was BLAUMAX founded?

BLAUMAX goes back to a Vienna fashion trading company, founded in 1978, that deals in a number of stores with retail of designer fashion, Neoclassic and jeans and sportswear for both men and women. 1988 emerged the first stores under the name BLAUMAX, carrying exclusively Jeans of prominent manufacturers. To satisfy fashion needs faster and better, the first self-developed Jeans were introduced in the following years under the brand name BLAUMAX.

Mid-90s, the jeans program was extended to tops, outdoor jackets and accessories for men and women. Very soon BLAUMAX branches offered only BLAUMAX products.

BLAUMAX is represented in Austria with 10 own stores. Since 2007 BLAUMAX products are in wholesale. Today there are 750 points of sale in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

What kind of fashion does BLAUMAX make?

Already from the start of the first collection in the early 90ies, BLAUMAX styles are inspired by fashionable “Zeitgeist”, but deliberately avoid short-term, cheap fashion effects. The restrained purist style allows the wearer individual interpretation and facilitates the combination with other favorite pieces and brands. Quality and stylistic sustainability are integral elements of the brand as well as the uncomplicated approach to fashion.

How BLAUMAX fits in today’s society?

We live in a time when consumers want to buy not only the very best quality at a low price, but also search for companies with a socially and environmentally commitment.

BLAUMAX recognizes the consequences of his action and meets the challenge to act with ethically, socially and environmentally responsibility.

It is the objective that all activities of BLAUMAX shall have a positive impact on living standards, freedom, health and environment.

BLAUMAX is willing not to degrade this responsibility to a marketing tool, but feels the natural obligation towards organic farming; sustainable production and fair trade.

Does BLAUMAX use organic cotton?

It is the objective of BLAUMAX to lead its customers to switch from conventional natural fibers products to fibers of organic production. The acreage that has already been converted to organic production is still relatively small, but the pressure of the fashion brands and in particular the voice of the consumers will eventually increase the ecologically correct production.

For better orientation for the consumer BLAUMAX distinguishes those cotton products, where the ecologically correct attachment is credible ensured with special hang tags and labels BLAUMAX ORGANIC COTTON. Products with no such indications were also selected according to these standards, but compliance with the standards could not be confirmed in the entire value chain. Efforts in this regard will be further strengthened.

However, the concerns are even more far-reaching. The working conditions of cotton pickers to industrial workers, especially fair pay, are still far from satisfactory. FAIR TRADE should be granted in our society and in international trade as soon as possible.

Where is organic cotton produced and how much?

Largest organic cotton producer is still India. From there come 74.3% of total production. This is followed by China (10.5%), Turkey (6.8%), Tanzania (3.1%) and the USA (2.1%). These five countries together produce 96.8% of organic cotton worldwide (source TW from 06/03/2015)

The fiber content of conventionally grown cotton in textiles is about 38 percent worldwide. Comparatively tiny is so far the global share of organic cotton with just 0.1%. It should be the desire of consumers and fashion brands to work together to increase the share of organic cotton of total cotton production.

How does BLAUMAX choose its raw materials?

Due to the increased requirements on the technical behavior of textiles, synthetic made fibers are indispensable for many product groups. We require our suppliers to provide us only with yarns which are supplied with a comprehensible and valid certificate. We prefer products that meet the OEKO-TEX100 Standard (Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute Germany) or GOTS.

This also applies to all accessories. In particular attention is paid to confirm the nickel freedom of all metal accessories. Metals may not be exposed to pollutants (azoic dyes, carcinogenic colors) in the course of treatment processes.

Which down BLAUMAX used for down jackets?

Animal raw materials such as down should be paid most attention. Even in the major production country China, rethinking could be achieved in the recent past. BLAUMAX buys just down from certified productions (China Feather and Down Industrial Association, Non live Plucked Products Guarantee) where down is obtained exclusively from the slaughtered animals in course of the food chain. The aim of most European and American fashion brands is to prohibit the live-plucking by law.

What are the working conditions at the production sites BLAUMAX products are made?

The observance of ethical standards in the supply chain is an important concern. BLAUMAX chooses his production very carefully and refuses factories in countries with notoriously poor working conditions, such as Bangladesh or Ethiopia, on principle.

A positive economic development for a country like Bangladesh is more than desirable. Modern standards of working conditions and a good remuneration of labor input should guarantee not only good products for BLAUMAX, but increase the general prosperity, especially in the production countries. However, the establishment, monitoring and verification of new standards in some production countries are beyond the financial possibilities and the management power of a small fashion brands by far. Therefore BLAUMAX focuses its production to countries that are easily accessible and can be visited on a regular basis.

BLAUMAX produces most of its products in Europe with rather small small manufacturers. Target of BLAUMAX is to only work with companies that have ISO 9000 certification (quality management) or equivalent. For small businesses, however, often a difficult, because costly, undertaking.

The Asian production sites are located close to Hong Kong for easy access in order to make effective monitoring possible. This applies to the production of BLAUMAX in Turkey as well. The production facilities are in Istanbul or the surrounding area.

Where are BLAUMAX products produced?

The most important production country for BLAUMAX is Portugal. Most of the t-shirts, tops, blouses and dresses are made there.

BLAUMAX jeans and some blouses, skirts and dresses are produced in northern Italy.

Some of the BLAUMAX sweaters and dresses are produced in Turkey.

Down jackets and a part of the knitwear collection are manufactured in China. BLAUMAX is working for 19 years with the same two production facilities.

Can you describe the BLAUMAX collection as sustainable?

An important contribution of a producer of a fashion collection we see in the fight against the throwaway society. Our goal is to not only create modern and beautiful products, but to strive for a design that for a long time brings joy and is not already disposed of after one season.

What is the impact of BLAUMAX packaging on the environment?

The steadily increasing consumption ability is attended by a dramatic increase in packaging material. BLAUMAX already reduced the amount of plastic packaging to the bare essentials and experimented with recycled paper carrier bags. The latest project is multi-granule bags that are biodegradable (compostable). These durable Shopping bags may be reused hundreds of times and are 100% compostable. Thus the BLAUMAX bag leaves the smallest known ecological footprint known to us.

Where can I find information on the topics of sustainability, pollution-free raw materials, environmental protection, fair trade, production conditions and certification for the textile industry?

Below some examples of useful links with information concerning sustainability, textiles certification, quality labels etc. This list is far from complete. There are many other organizations that are trying successfully to advance society and protect the environment.



What leg lengths for jeans and pants are offered by BLAUMAX?

BLAUMAX jeans and pants are offered mostly with leg length of 30 inches to 36 inches. For information which leg lengths are available in which style; please ask our staff in the BLAUMAX stores or see our product catalogue www.blaumax.com.

Wholesale customers can find the information on the BLAUMAX B2B platform. Access via www.blaumax.com, select the wholesale button and enter the B2B store.

Do jeans shrink in length during washing?

Little pre-washed jeans (dark washed) may shrink up to 2.5 cm. Strong pre-washed jeans (stonewashed or super stonewashed) remain largely stable in their leg length.

Will jeans get wider while being worn?

Yes. Please look out that the pants fit tightly when bought. Denim pieces may widen half a dress size by the body heat, but will shrink again while washing. This applies even more for denim products with Elasthan or Lycra (Stretch Denim).

Which temperature is recommended for washing denim jeans?

Please wash your BLAUMAX – Jeans with no more than 40 ° C.

How may white streaks (streaks) after washing be avoided?

Put your jeans inside out before washing. Us gentle and protect the color liquid without optical brightener.

Please make yourself, the environment and the BLAUMAX products the favor and use only environmentally correct detergent!

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